Friday, 30 September 2011

Last Weekend at Homee

Arghhhh, Have to leave my humble abode soon. every time i think about leaving my heart starts trying to break out.
i just wish things were simpler and i could do medicine here in london, home!
yes the city im going to is a student city but that is for everyone else, for me i can already see my days and nights stuck in my dorm watching tvshows and eating anything. wow the weight im going to gain!
theres always cairo. but do i want to leave home and go somewhere so far!
its so hard not being able to see into the future and know the right decision to make. go to brighton, study a degree i might hate or go to cairo and accomplish my dream, learn a new language and get the university experience im so desperate to have...
right, my next blog is on cons and pros on whether or not im staying!

always thanking god for my accomplishes and asking his help for my future path.
making the right decision may not be my path...